Holidays have been fairly plain and boring, at home mostly or out with my mum. She just got a jobb so I'm at home alone a lot as well, so boring, nothing to do. I had to work yesterday 9 - 5:30 it was sooooooooooooo long especially when I was working with full timers I had never worked with before. I had an hour long break so I shopped around for a while and spent my pay check for this week, thats the problem with hour long breaks. I bought Lisa Mitchell's album "Wonder", that cleansing thing that massages your face while it cleanses and new pearl earrings for mum (cheap ones of course ;) $24.95) because I lost one of hers :| oops.

I went food shopping with mum today :D love food shopping because I put whatever I want in the trolley and mum usually says yes. I bought some stuff for Canberra as well, shampoo etc. its coming up so fast, hopefully I have a good
amount of money to spend.

My Auntie Dot is coming to Adelaide next Thursday :D her plane gets in at 7pm so I can't work that night have to remember to tell my manager that, yay! My Aunty is classic, when my mum and her twin sister were born my Aunty Dot said "I think it's disgusting" lol my mum quotes her all the time, especially when I come home with good grades lol.

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