{/ i see how it is ] =.=

its been awhile people because my internet has been capped but now I can''t be stuffed waiting until it is back. in this short time that I have been away many things have happened in my life most pretty plain and simple.

now to the present. today we had mock interviews and everyone in year 10 dressed up in business attire an I'm telling you some looked mighty fine especially that Cindy chick ;) my outfit was pretty plain a skirt and white shirt and heels my feet were dead by the end of the day. it was an okay day very stressful/nerve wracking my interview wasn't until the end of the day and while waiting I was shaking like a leaf (one of my many quirks) but thankfully I got the job, yes!

the show started last friday, can't wait to go on saturday! there were supposed to be four of us but one isn't allowed and the other decided she didn't want to come with us, how nice =.= so now its just me and Haley. hopefully we can find one or two more people to come but oh well.

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