pitter patter go the rain drops /}

the holidays have arrives, hooray! Time to catch up on some much needed sleep, get out and about and catch up with old chums. Now that the holidays have arrived my work load has lightened but its still there, god damn holiday homework. For a start I have to finish my "me" journal that we got at the end of last term (term 2, we just finished term 3), scampers around frantically for a miracle, I guess it will have to be a rush job.

I had to work last night and of course I got to there early so I wandered around, I stopped in at the newsagent and was checking out the magazines when BAM! there it was, the most perfect magazine I have ever seen! Frankie, and just below it Zen, I couldn't resist they had to be mine and so I spent $17 that I shouldn't have spent, oh well.

Frankie is my favourite and I think i'll be buying it every month now, its got some pretty hot stuff in it ;) and it came with a wicked poster/calender thing! going straight on my wall.

I got a new iPod Nano (4th generation) on Tuesday I was over the moon, I've always thought that was a funny saying rofl, anyway its just silver because I get bored of things pretty quickly and I didn't want to lose interest in the colour of my iPod.

After school today I thought "hmmmm I feel like playing sims 3" and so I set off to my room to find it, when I opened the case it wasn't there!! I then realised my sister must have taken it out of the laptop when she was playing Dirt Rally so I called her, our conversation went like this

me: "wheres my sims 3 disc?"
my sister: "in the clear cover on my desk"
me: "the one with the gabriella cilmi cd in it?"
my sister: "yeah, that one"
me: "well its obviously not in there THE STUPID GABRIELLA CILMI ONE IS!"
my sister: "oh"
me: "you'd better hope I f***ing find it or you ARE DEAD!"
and I hung up the phone

to this moment I still haven't found it :@ and she doesn't get home until after 9pm, she is dead!

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