On work experience this week. I'm doing it at Pets on Semaphore and loving it. I didn't think I would be so much hands on stuff with the animals but I'm always looking after them grooming, bathing, handling, walking etc. Also doing a bit of office stuff but thats ok. I thought I would be so tired and not want to go everyday (like work) but I love going there and I'm never tired there, always full of energy :D I know I definitely want to work with animals when I'm older.

Went shopping during my lunch break today. Went to this little shop called Sumadai they have really cute stuff in there. I bought 3 things for $20.50 O-o. My favourite is this t-shirt that was $10, still brand new with the tags on it!

My mum also bought me a new pair of leggings from Kmart. Cheapskate ;). They're black with roses painted all over them.

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