Day 1

how I have changed as well since I have known you. You brang me out of my shell, and although I constantly find myself there these days, whenever you're around you make it seem as if it isn't there. For that I thank you! What would you do without me? and what would I do without you? We fit together like puzzle pieces that were made for each other, complimenting our weirdness and strengthening it to new heights! You must show me true blood soon so I can see what all the fuss is about. Moving to this new school I was worried that I would lose you as a friend, maybe grow apart but we haven't and I am eternally grateful for that. You supported me through my time of Joeness and I want to support you in your time of Samness, but you know what I'm like with these kinds of things (look at how little experience I've had haha). If you want to talk about it or complain/whinge about anything you know where to find me! ;D

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