Seven things you will find in your room… bed, clothes everywhere, scarf collection, headbands galore, two bookcases, desk and unmade bed

Seven Relationship Questions…

  1. Do you like someone: no
  2. Does someone like you: no
  3. Do you get bored of people: no people get bored with me
  4. Have you ever been lead on: no
  5. Have you ever been cheated on: no
  6. Do you want to be in a relationship: not sure.
  7. Do you want to get married: eventually

Seven things you cant live without…

  1. Haley
  2. tissues
  3. water
  4. books
  5. computer
  6. the animals
  7. air

Seven things on your mind…

  1. that one person
  2. school
  3. homework
  4. school work
  5. everything
  6. daydreams
  7. everything else

Seven other things-do you…

  1. Believe in God: not sure
  2. Had a dream come true: nope
  3. Read the newspaper: saturday and sunday usually
  4. Pray: no
  5. Have a best friend: a few
  6. Sing: pffft, no way
  7. Wish on stars: sometimes

Seven have you ever’s…

  1. Fallen in love: nope
  2. Kiss someone of the same sex: on the cheek
  3. Cheated: no
  4. Been to a bonfire: yes
  5. Ran away from home: once
  6. Played strip poker: no
  7. Done an all nighter: nope

Seven things in the last 48 hours have you done…

  1. Cried: yep
  2. Had fun: I guess
  3. Been kissed: no
  4. Felt stupid: yes
  5. Talked to an ex: no
  6. Bought anything: yep
  7. Used chapstick: nope, papaw ointment


  1. Friend you saw: not sure
  2. Talked to on the phone: on the train
  3. Person to text you: Jess
  4. Was today better then yesterday: not really any difference


  1. Number: 3
  2. Colour: blue
  3. Food: chocolate
  4. Place: not sure

Questions & Answers…

  1. Do you have anything bothering you: always
  2. What is the last movie you watched at movies & with who: Haley, Ironman
  3. Last place you went: my house
  4. Do you smile often: unfortunately
  5. Do you wish upon stars: sometimes
  6. Where did you sleep last night: bed
  7. When was the last time you cried: last night
  8. Last thought before sleeping: no idea
  9. Are you a friendly person: I'm not good with peopl

Nine Emotions…

1. Are you missing someone right now: always

2. Are you happy: most of the time

3. Are you sad: some of the time

4. Are you bored: no

5. Are you nervous: always

6. Are you single: yep.

7. Are you tired: always

8. Are your parents still married: yes

9. Are you in love: nope

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