I have decided I want to move to the country and live on a farm and do lots of hard work. I want to live in a small rural town where everybody knows everyone. I want to smell that gorgeous scent of hay everyday. I want to experience sleeping for a night in a hay loft in a bed made out of hay with a small window with a gorgeous view of the stars. I want to own and take care of a horse, learn to ride one and experience the joy of riding one again. I want to own a house that has lots of land, gorgeous paddocks full of cows, horses, sheep. I want a chicken coop with chickens that are so spoilt I turn the soil over for them. I want a pack of dogs that run come when called and are busy exploring when I haven't. I want a group of guinea pigs that wander around freely, coming back to their hutch/run at night. I want that gorgeous animal smell to surround me, day and night. I don't know why I do but I've just realised these are things I've always wanted.

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