These change all the time, but at the moment they are:
  1. T.V. Show: buffy/gossip girl/gilmore girls
  2. Book: A Great and Terrible Beauty
  3. Movie: The Grudge
  4. Color: Blue
  5. Actor: James Marsters
  6. Actress: Alexis Bledel
  7. Ice Cream Flavor: Butterscotch/Blueberry/Chocolate
  8. Drink: Hot/Iced Chocolate
  9. Animal: Elephant
  10. Band: The Pretty Reckless
  11. Singer: Christophe Beck
  12. Food: Mexican
  13. Disney Character: Sulley
  14. Girl Name: Anastasia, I always loved that movie when I was little
  15. Boy Name: Charles, Chuck for short

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