I can't believe its nearly the end of the year already. This year has gone so fast, probably because I was enjoying it so much :) I'm gonna miss everyone next year, but we'll continue to make good memories outside of school C: I have exams this week :| I need to get on and study! Thats what SWATVAC is for ;D My stupid english exam is tomorrow and I'm stressing, I can't write an essay in an hour! Jackie's going to be even worse in the stressing department, I think I'll keep out of her way :| Maths is going to be my worst, thank god for cheat sheets, I'd fail if I didn't have it.

Last day of year 10 was on friday. so depressing, I'm gonna miss those days. We were told we were the "naughtiest, smart people" our religion teacher had ever known, rofl.

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