s'up /head nod. lol. Jackie's has gotten that stuck into my head now /glares. Well exams are finally over, thank god. I was stressed to the max last week and all because FB is so god damn addictive! I think I did okay though, science was my best I think, the only questions I couldn't answer were the ones our stupid teacher hadn't taught us :@ Last night was Danni's christmas party, it was funny as. rofl. just remembering it cracks me up. This is just going to be a short update as you can tell. Today is the semaphore street fair! yes! I really wanna get going but my parents are still in bed! its fcukin 9:30 and it starts at 10am! bloody hell! I really want to take one of the dogs but its pretty miserable out there :| might be able to convince the 'rents. what else has happened lately...? not much. I'm holidays now so I might blog more often......not likely. lol.

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