Day 1: introduce yourself

well I'm very a very complex person, hard to understand and usually hard to get along with because people annoy me so easily. I'm extremely insecure and have been all my life, these insecurities make living life hard, every day a new challenge of over thinking everything, worrying about everything and wondering what others are thinking about me. I have a passion for animals and the smell (which most find awful) is comforting to me. I've grown up in the city but I hope to one day live in the country. I never grew out of that horse phase and am still fascinated by them, I will one day have one of my own and be an expert on caring for it. I have a wild imagination that comes up with the most random of ideas. I'm a whinger and take most of that out on my best friend Jess who is so like me it is scary. Jess always talks about the first time we met, I was in year 9 and she was in year 10, I came to her table because I was friends with Miranda who was sitting there, apparently she was introduced to me and I gave her a look like "whatever", I cannot ever imagine myself doing this or even remember this at all but look how far we've come. I dislike the thought of partying and drinking and those that are obsessed with it and talk about it a lot lose tons of respect in my mind, this is usually the reason I grow apart from people so easily, that or people start to hate me for some reason. I'm not the greatest of people and I know it but I've tried again and again to change my ways, I just can't. I'm a control freak and a perfectionist and this reflects in my stress levels which are constantly present. I try hard to keep in contact with friends but my nerd school takes up most of my time these days and regret all the weekends I spend on homework and not catching up with friends. To put it simply, I'm not perfect and can't be bothered trying to get any closer.

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  1. "because people annoy me so easily."

    Like Me- =)