day 2: make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day

  • woke up feeling like crap
  • got dressed
  • got driven to the bus stop
  • got on the bus at 7am
  • entertained myself on the bus for an hour and a half by talking to Jess and listening to my ipod
  • my first lesson was Earth and Cosmos, we did a prac and then researched the different layers of the earth
  • then it was recess, I ate a packet of tiny teddys, a croissant and me and jess ate some caramello chocolate
  • next I had tutor group and we talked about career counselling
  • Then it was Biotech, we worked on a new assignment called BioWeb and Jeni gave us Maltesers :)
  • Caught the 1:07pm bus to the city and walked around central markets with Jess for awhile, we took photos and I introduced Jess to what a chocolate croissant was
  • Went to Rundle, stared at all the stuff we couldn't afford :( and then went home in the freezing weather
  • dad picked me up from the bus stop because it started pouring with rain
  • had a nap
  • played sims 3 for about 45 minutes
  • ate dinner, stew on pasta (it was weird)
  • edited script
  • and here I am now procrastinating doing any other homework for the moment

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